The “Wildman” Story

Brent “Wildman” Enman

Originally from a small Massachusetts town just outside Boston, I gravitated towards music at a very early age, sneaking my older brothers Beatles and Hendrix albums gave me my first exposure to rock and roll.

Around 9 or 10 yrs old I used to pretend I was Paul McCartney playing for the Queen. Other kids would be outside playing touch football or hide and seek-I’d be in my bedroom singing my heart out to early Beatles tunes, strumming an old badminton racquet as a guitar!

All that pretending was not lost on me as I soon learned that I had a natural ability to play drums, my first instrument. I used to bang on books at school, making up beats; different thickness books had higher or lower tones. My science book was my kick drum! My folks finally relented and got me a Blackjack drum set at age 10.

 Self taught, I never had formal drum lessons, relying on my ears and jamming along to 70′s bands, like Grand Funk and Deep Purple gave me the basics.  I don’t remember ever struggling with drums,  I just sat down and could figure things out. As I entered my rebellious teenage years I discovered bands such as Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper and Aerosmith. I became entranced with early Alice Cooper albums, the songwriting and production was so good and how could you be any more of a rebel to your folks than worshipping Alice Cooper or
playing Sabbath tunes at full blast! Ah yes Humble beginnings…

As a young adult, I would play with some of the top drawing bands in the New England area (Nightrider, Driving Force) earning my nickname “Wildman” because of my over the top playing style. Often the youngest in the band I never took for granted the thrill of playing with guys older and more experienced than myself, I was often the rookie in those situations but it is was great way to learn how to perform in front of big crowds and behave like a pro, I was truly lucky to have great players take me under their wing. It was around 2004 that I taught himself how to play guitar out of a desire to write original music, I’ve always had a “virtual” radio in my head coming up with entire songs, melodies, bass, drums, keys, guitar harmonies, and it was really frustrating not being able to get the songs out of my head into a tangible format , so I picked up the cheap yard sale guitar my Dad bought me, put in a Dimarzio and started working things out.  I also play Bass guitar, next is trying the keys I guess.  I’m lucky and I suppose blessed that I’m one of those rare natural musicians that, although having no formal training, can be very versatile, a true multi-instrumentalist, and have an instinctual understanding of how music works! (thanks to the Beatles and Queen).

 I write whatever comes into my head and from my heart, which may be heavy metal, a pop song or a blues tune!

I have toured all up and down the east coast from Maine to Florida, I Toured Alaska too!  I have shared the stage with: Jackyl,
Britny Fox, RATT,  The late great Albert (Iceman) Collins,  John Cafferty and Beaver Brown Band, REO Speedwagon, James Montgomery Band, Kenny Chesney. Bands I have played for include: Nightrider WWW.MYSPACE.COM/NIGHTRIDEROCKS,  The Burnouts, HeartAttack, Driving Force, Crazy Train, Rockstar (bass guitar),  Poisond (Poison tribute band drums), Red White and Crue (Motley Tribute band Drums) and most recently drums for Preacher Stone.

When I’m not obsessing over music I like to Ride Harleys and hang out out at my home with my wife Elle

and my four cats-Kuda, Samson, Saxon and Mojo

Remember Be kind to Animals and some people too!.. ……PEACE & ROCK!