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Multi-instrumentalist BRENT ENMAN from a small town in the US state of South Carolina did everything on his own on his debut CD ‘Wildman’ and I al…

ways wait for the vocals to kick in to see if it could live up to the required ingredients of listening out the whole album. Thankfully Brent is able to sing very well indeed, because he has a superstrong Rock voice that reminds me a bit of CARL DIXON of CONEY HATCH fame. Also musically the Melodic Hardrock of Brent sounds dangerously close to CONEY HATCH, so we get to hear Melodic Hardrock in the early 1980s style, with a lot of great flashy guitarwork. Opener “All for the show” is a very catchy uptempo rockin’ tune with some great harmonyvocals and this song clearly sounds a lot like NIGHT RANGER. In fact, if you like the last NIGHT RANGER record, you are surely gonna love this album of Brent. There’s also TALAS and PHIL VINCENT similarities and some early VAN HALEN influences to be heard, so basically this record feels like one of those classic late 70s/early 80s American major label Hardrock albums. Besides the already mentioned opener, other highlights are “Takin’ home”, “Too good to be true” and “Man of the past”. Definitely something worth checking out here… (Points: 8.3 out of 10)

What can I say about this album other than for me personally it’s an absolute breath of fresh air!!

Brent is a drummer by trade but not only played every single instrument on the album but did all the singing duties and recorded the whole thing in just 15 days, incredible. Self financed too.

I’m used to listening to an awful lot of music and my tastes lie in both classic and modern rock and metal and a lot of the more progressive sides of these genres. I’m used to complex timings, distorted guitars and complicated songs.

To say this album is a pure, back to basics blast would be an understatement. It comes across as heartfelt and has such a lovely feel to it. A guitar straight into the amp and you can hear the beauty of his Les Paul clearly, without adding lots of high gain, and he puts a lot of feel into his playing. I know that he’s deliberately gone for a retro early 70′s feel and boy has he achieved it in spades!

The songs vary from good old rock’n'roll, a couple of heavier numbers, some mid-tempos and some slow songs which are totally awesome in their subtlety. Not only is all the playing quality but I love his voice too. You would never guess that it was all one man!

Every time I play the album I end up with a smile on my face. I’m not sure why it’s gripped me so tightly but I feel I’ve really connected with it. It conjures up images in my mind of sunny days playing outside as a carefree teenager growing up in the world of the 70′s.

I’m not even going to attempt to pick a favourite track off the album as there isn’t one duff track on this, for a debut it’s awesome. I’ve been playing it at work and listening through my Bose headphones and I love the production on the album too. You can hear each instrument clearly and because there’s a lot of space, you can appreciate them fully.

If you like rock and want to get back to basics then treat yourself to this album, it’s such a joy. If you buy it from his own website, you get it signed free too, mine is so cool, a treasured possession. A top quality release that needs to be heard :) Tony (TC) Corner UK